Our Staff
Pastor Robert Varner has been serving in the gospel ministry
for over 30 years.  After coming to know the Christ during his
freshman year at Junior College, Pastor Varner sensed the
Lord's calling to the ministry and transfered to Calvary Bible
College in Kansas City, MO.  After completing his degree at
Calvary, Pastor Varner went on to pursue an M.A. at Bob Jones
University in Greenville, SC.  He ministered in churches in
Kansas, Nebraska and Alabama. Pastor Varner served as the
Head Pastor of RHBC from 2001 to August 2018. Pastor Varner
continues to serve at RHBC in many ways.

Robert met his wife, Marilyn, while working at summer camp.  
They were married in 1976 had have five grown children and
fifteen grandchildren.  
Pastor Tim Armstrong has been serving part time at Rose Hill
Bible Church since 2008. Tim came to know Christ at a young
age and grew up in Bible believing Churches. Tim graduated
from Clearwater Christian College with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary
Studies. After college Tim attended Central Baptist Theological
Seminary of Virginia Beach and completed an M.B.S. Tim
served at RHBC in various roles from 2008 to the present. He
became the Head Pastor in September of 2018.

Tim met his wife Kristen while attending seminary. They were
married in 2007 and have 5 children.